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About Us

Focus Business School began in 2008 in Yangon, Burma/Myanmar by founder Marco Strömberg. Marco has been a missionary in Asia and has a Masters degree in economics with focus on small- and medium-size companies.

Focus Business School is a course in entrepreneurship based on Christian values.

The course contains of 48 lessons that cover from how to better deal with personal economy to how you prepare and run a business and how to live with biblical values and ethics in business life.

The teaching is simple and practical. It is especially adapted to those who haven´t started a business. And for those who have  started a business it is remarkable to see the difference in the company between the start of the course and the end. We work towards an economical development with individuals and in societies.

We want to create opportunities for self-reliance, work-creating investment and community outreach, where there has previously been poverty. On many occasions we equip people who have previously received welfare and we turn them into entrepreneurs.

We focus especially towards groups with low income and social challenges.

We run FBS in Sweden to support the creation of a new generation of entrepreneurs in our country.

Entrepreneurs with a positive drive, good ethics and morals are needed in business and they create larger economic resources and work opportunities in the region

We train local entrepreneurs to become themselves teachers that run FBS and they in turn can spread the course to other locations and countries.

We are located in:

  • Scandinavia
  • Eastern Europe
  • Eurasia
  • The Middle East
  • Northern Africa
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • South America


In all our schools we have teachers with scientific excellence in each subject. That gives us a high standard and it gives a broad spectrum of education. Most of the teachers come from the local region. We have a large teaching staff, which means it is impossible to introduce them all on the website, but some are presented here.

Mikhail Lancman, Russia

co-founder and director of Lancman School

Nikita Assilamehoo, France

Teacher in France

Amalia Georgescu, Romania

FBS teacher since 2016

Armen Avetisyan, Armenia

Working in the construction industry in Armenia

Giannis Bourloglou, Greece

Retailer in carparts

Ola Ekman, Sweden

Teacher in Rwanda and Sweden

The Board

Focus Business School is a non-profit organisation. The Board contains of five members, but in Sweden more than 20 people are involved on a voluntary basis to support the administration. What motivates us to engage in the work is that we see peopledevelop their gifts, taking new steps in their lives and grow as human beings. In the long run we start to see communities change to the better.

Fredrik Josefsson


Marco Strömberg

Vice chairman

Anna Strömberg

Board member

Emmanuel Hyllerud

Board member

André Andersson

Board member

Lennart Eriksson

Board member